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"In case you looking for someone who is creative, full of ideas, has transparent communication, keeps the deadline, stays in the given budget and can fulfill your requirements to create your dream place this is Nathalie Rottenburg.

Our company, Savim Hungary has been working with Nathalie for more than 10 years as interior designer of our two beautiful properties in Budapest namely Hotel Parlament and Hotel Palazzo Zichy.

Both four star boutique hotels are leading properties of the Hungarian market with more than 90% average occupancy. The building of our properties have been established in the end of 19th century and our goal was to keep the outside character meanwhile finding out a modern interior design by keeping the perfect harmony of past and present. 

Nathalie did a great job with the architectural project which has a result of two amazing houses. Hotel Parlament was opened in 2006 but after 10 years of successful operation was totally refurbished with regards to public areas as well as all 65 rooms. Hotel Palazzo Zichy is operating since 2009 with several investments in all 80 rooms and public areas during the past years, all with the works of Nathalie Rottenburg.

Owners of Savim Hungary has the full trust in Nathalie and her job meaning that planning to have other projects together also in the future. All in all working together is not a “project” but a real joy. We not only got a professional partner but a friend during the past 10 years of cooperation."

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